Hello Bombshell!

BombshelloLogoHello Bombshells!  Here at Bombshell Headquarters, we have been overwhelmed with the love and support that you have given us since we opened!  We are so grateful and thankful for EACH and EVERY one of you!   

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Today is the day . . . Be A Bombshell!

5 Responses

  1. Carrie

    Hi Be a Bombshell!
    I’m Carrie, and I entered in your give away with Sam, and can I just say, wow I love you guys’ products! I really hope I win so I can try them out! If I don’t could you tell me if you guys sell your lucious products in stores yet?

    Carrie, P.S. Check me out on YouTube! TheHotMess20

  2. Mary

    Just saw your products on EleventhGorgeous. Looking forward to their review and tutuorials using your products!

  3. iva

    omg i loveeeeeeeee the eye shadow one was left in a hot smoldering car for a month. and still was intact unlike most that melt. now thats what im talkin about

  4. starliteandglamour

    Love my new quads. More beautiful than I ever imagined…..Can’t wait to try them out tomorrow…..soooo pigmented and gorgeous…Just gonna have a terrific affair with beabombshell..

  5. I Adore BeABombShellCosmetics!!!
    Iv plac sev different ord and no onc hav i ev been dis with the pr that I have purchased!
    I us to pur fr al the sO-call “BigNamed” companies. Bu on day a company introtruduced me to the BeABombShell cosmetic line, and fr then on I was HOOKED!!!! Thei facial primer worked like NO other on the market (& at a 1/4 of the price.) Their shades of foundation match me with perfection! Not to mention the gorgeous array of lip shades, stains, glosss ( which come in ALL the colors imaginable!), eyeshadows – bright, Faboulous, Easily blendabile, (which makes them it easy to go from your “offi daytime look, and walk out ready to HIT THE TOWN! ♥️💄💋)
    and now with the addiTion of pallettes, they are truly a force to be reckoned with!
    Plus the fact their makeup is long lasting, NO NEED for hourly or midday touch-ups!
    No need to spend thousands each month at the department store, when evrything you need is right here!

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