Our History

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics was started in September 2011 by a makeup fanatic. Our founder and CEO, Tonya Thompson, worked in Product Development for a major department store for several years as a Buyer and Brand Manager in ladies clothing, but there was something always missing for her. She and her husband had very busy schedules that required them to travel a lot. They soon decided they wanted to start a family and needed more stability in their life. So why not have more control over your own schedule than to start your own company selling something you love. She never could find the perfect color(s) or the products that worked with her ultra-sensitive skin. So Tonya did what any makeup fanatic would do – she made her own. With Be A Bombshell Cosmetics products, Tonya tests each and every product herself. She prides herself in the products she chooses and wants her customers to be also.

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics is a fun-loving beauty brand offering high quality products at a low affordable price. Our goal is to is to create a more than just a cosmetic line.  At Bombshell headquarters, we believe that everyone should be a bombshell. We believe that everyone is beautiful regardless of size, shape, or skin tone. We all have our flaws. We want to accentuate what you do have and to make you feel as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. We promise that none of us wake up glamorous in the morning, but a little makeup goes a long way!!

Be A Bombshell!
Let your inner Bombshell shine!! Today is the day…to become a Bombshell!!
Tonya Thompson - Founder
Our Bombshell Team
  • Andrea Minor

    Head Chemist and Amazon Coordinator